Halloween attires are all about customization and personal satisfaction. If you believe that you can flawlessly reveal yourself better in another character, feel free to rock it to the bottom.

Though I insist, even while you’re celebrating any event, never displace the motive behind and in the case of Halloween, remember the dead.

Following is a list of distinct characters I’ve chosen for you that you can impersonate this Halloween:

Snow White:

Be white this festive season, be snow white. Buy all the possible elements for this attire and once you’re done, watch the video down below to imitate this surreal beauty and look gorgeous.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Inspired Makeup

With the release of suicide squad, it has been estimated that almost every white girl would want to pull this look off and look brave, wild, and unbreakable.

Most people consider her as an inspiration of letting girls be whatsoever they want to be, regardless of the society’s standards. If you want to support this thought, feel free to wear this look to your nearest Halloween party.

In addition, watch the video below to attain this flawlessly ethereal face.

Suicide Squad’s Joker

A fictional character existing since the 90’s in comic books or movies, Halloween is the wisest time of the year to breathe him alive.

Following is a video tutorial to help you teach how to attain this flawlessly perfect joker makeup.

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